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Access to a diverse range of cutting-edge models, spanning from advanced language models to powerful image models, and beyond.

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multiple models

Easy access to wide ranges of powerful models.

We are adding more and more models for you.

Access via web

Easily embed AI into your workflow with the web app we build and it works well for teams.

Access via api

Build your own AI applications through our powerful unified API.

More features

The easiest way to customize models for an even better experience.

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Real-time Search

Real-time search for anything you want to know, whether it's articles, images, videos, or even answers to math problems, powered by our self-developed search suite.


Through our application or api, you can customize the model's Persona by passing a `system message` to any of the chat models we provide.

Long-term Memory

No need to worry about models forgetting what you said before, enabling the model to remember what you said days, weeks, or even months ago but also reduce cost.

Image generation

Simple words generate powerful images.

Lack of inspiration? Come try it out!

Multiple models supported.
Custom model advanced parameters.
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Common Questions

Can I use TheB.AI for free?

Yes, we currently offer a free model for all users, but speed may vary with high traffic. We also provide free credits for new users to try out the paid models and premium features.

What are your billing methods?

We charge based on how much you use, with rates varying by model and feature. See our pricing page for details.
* Subscription plans may be available in the near future.

Can we use your website as a team?

Absolutely, our website is team-friendly. You can invite colleagues to join your organization, share organization funds, and monitor individual usage.

How can I get help?️

Feel free to contact [email protected] and we will assist you with any questions. For collaborations and discounts, please contact [email protected].


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We can provide dedicated instances, unique pricing, model fine-tuning or solution customization for your business.

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